Social Media

Reddit vs. Meta: No social company makes money from ads quite like Meta
Tik, Tik, boom: New bill leaves TikTok’s future in the balance
The other 'gram: Mysterious messaging platform Telegram keeps growing
Liquid Death: The brash "water in a can" startup is now worth $1.4bn
Hot streak: Buzzfeed retains spicy showpiece Hot Ones in media deal
Fun and games: Duo's gamification and absurd TikToks are working
Ghosting: Snapchat is back to racking up losses
Generational support: YouTube’s popularity knows no limits
r/IPO: Reddit's hoping to go public in March
Unwanted: Meta's battle with inappropriate content is never-ending
Extremely online: American teens' social media habits
Tok market: The TikTok Shop is gaining momentum.
Pop app: Social media buzz is difficult to maintain
Cash stuffing: Gen Z is experimenting with a new way of budgeting
Pinterest: There are nearly 500 million pinheads and counting
Left to their own devices: How much time do teens spend on social media?
Build a following: Lego's become a master of modern marketing
Threading the needle: Meta's latest launch is losing steam
All in one: Twitter is now X, as Musk looks to build a "super-app"
Blocked: No more news for Canadian's on Facebook & Instagram
The (gentle) rise of Reddit: The social media platform is in its awkward years
Social search: Gen Z have unique search habits
Real momentum: Buzzy app BeReal is starting to struggle
Facebook: Meta's flagship platform is still growing
TikTok: US lawmakers are probing the world's most addictive app, again
Still searching: Bing’s still big in the game
The Energy Exception & Socialites
Teens & TikTok: The love affair continues
Blue tick badge: Breaking down Twitter's new business model
ByteDance: TikTok's owner is spending big to get bigger
Crypto crackdown: Celebrities promoting crypto are in the SEC's crosshairs
Quiet quitting: The latest trend that sets boundaries at work
Zero to $12bn: TikTok is hitting revenue milestones very quickly
SNAP back to reality: Snap Inc. is not feeling great about 2022
Free speech on social media is hard... just ask Facebook
BeReal: Stripped back social media apps are getting popular.
Twitter: Musk makes his move
The Elon effect: Musk has bought a big chunk of Twitter
Taking a break: Nestlé is pulling out of Russia.
BuzzFeed: Listicles vs. news, one is more profitable than the other
VPNs: How Russians are getting by the increasing number of internet restrictions
Link in bio: Linktree is now worth $1.3 billion
You can't handle the TRUTH
Metaworse: Facebook falters
Reddit: The platform's going public and r/wallstreetbets is bigger than ever
Reddit traders had a quieter second half of 2021
Twitter: Jack Dorsey is stepping down from his second term as CEO of Twitter
Clubhouse: Downloads are slowing again for the buzzy audio app
Unfazed: Gaming group Faze Clan are going public
Twitch leak: 100GB+ of data on streaming platform Twitch has been leaked
TikTok: The Chinese social media app just hit one billion users
TikTok: Users are now spending more time on TikTok than YouTube
Clubhouse: The buzzy audio app might already be losing steam
What are you worth to Facebook? We explore, with FB's latest data
Easy come, easy go: When was each social media platform generating its peak search interest on Google?
Advertising spend: Traditional media formats had a tough 2020, and advertisers probably aren't coming back
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