Social search: Gen Z have unique search habits

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Socially searching

A lot has been made in the tech world about the advancements in generative AI, and how advanced bots like ChatGPT might change the internet search landscape forever.

But we may not have to wait for AI to change how we search. Indeed, a new survey from Morning Consult reveals that newer platforms like TikTok have already changed habits for Gen Z. The survey of ~2,200 adults found that some 14% of Gen Zers, when looking into a major news event, would start their search for information on TikToK. For every other generation only 1% reported doing the same.

Google was still the place that most people started their research on a news story — which was true for all age groups — but across the social media landscape, the generational differences are interesting. Gen Z favors TikTok and YouTube, Millennials are more likely to fire up Facebook to start their research, while members of the Baby Boomer gen tend to go directly to a news publisher they trust and start their search there.

Whether AI-enhanced chatbots will eat Google’s lunch is a big unknown. However, Gen Z growing up and searching the internet in a very different way is already happening.

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