Snowballin: More people hitting the slopes than ever before
Silver tsunami: Rising retirement rates, as a record number of Americans are set to turn 65
Eyes on the ball: Pickleball has piqued the internet's interest
Big Dill: Pickleball has surged in popularity in past few years
Court short: Pickleball takes up less space than other racket sports
Pig out: Pork profits are sinking as demand slumps
Going out
Record breaking: Plotting Kelvin Kiptum's record marathon time
Young money: Americans under 40 are getting wealthier
America's finances: Visualizing the federal budget
Virtual virtues: What you can, and can't, do in online meetings
Generational support: YouTube’s popularity knows no limits
Realty check: America's housing market in one map.
Two-to-one: Flutter's US expansion is paying off
Sunset: After years of growth, tequila exports are falling
Tokyo drift: Japan is attracting foreign workers, as it grapples with an aging population
Entrepreneurs, unleashed: New businesses are booming
Capital punishment: America's severest penalty has sparked debate once again
Young money: How many of America's teenagers are working?
Slow, then fast: The end of China's one-child policy never revitalised birth rate
100 club: America's getting more centenarians
Pretty vacant: Nearly 20% of America's offices are lying unused
Cup Fever
Wages vs. inflation: Wages are winning... for now
Doses delivered: Drugmaker Eli Lilly wants to sell to you directly
Election season: 2024 is set to be a record year for voters around the world
Self-improvements: Americans' resolutions for the New Year
Stoppage time: Millions of workers walked out in 2023
Climate, changed: 2023 was almost certainly the hottest year on record
Drying up?
Unhoused: US homelessness has reached the highest figure on record
Out of office: Post offices have been on the decline for over a century
Fossil fuels: The world is "transitioning away" from the energy source
Cyber-colleagues: Where AI might fit in the American workplace
Medical bills: Healthcare is getting costlier
Sum of departs: Immigration policy is front-and-centre
Spaced out: Americans are more tentative about space travel
Grade inflation: Most students are getting A's at Harvard and Yale
Person Of The Year: A visual history, as Taylor Swift wins TIME's latest award
Maturing market: Home buyers have been getting older
Peak chocolate: Cocoa prices are hitting new highs
Concrete jungle: Congestion charges could be coming to NYC
Shrimpact: America's taste for shellfish cost Red Lobster
What gives: How America's donations shape the charity sector
Roll out the barrels: US oil production is reaching new heights
World capital: Money and happiness around the globe
Fun coupons: How much does happiness cost?
Generation gap: Happiness varies a lot across age groups
Pumpkin supremacy: America's favorite pies
Currency crises: Argentina’s president-elect has a long list of economic issues to tackle
Inside inflation: Which prices are rising the most?
The gap: The female-male life expectancy gap has widened
Booming out: America's population could peak this century
Odds and evens: New Delhi is exploring every fix for its air pollution problem
Bumbled: Investors, and users, are dumping dating apps
Bridging the gap: The share of women in the highest-paying jobs
Cash stuffing: Gen Z is experimenting with a new way of budgeting
Cash is king: Using notes and coins is scoring people discounts
Money moves: America's payment methods have changed
Homeschooling: Learning from home has taken off
Prestige worldwide: Britain's latest export? It's private schools
Shelf care: Examining America's bookkeeping habits
The ghost model: Some costume trends are timeless, others burn brightly but briefly
Getting hot: How Americans are feeling about climate change, as September temperatures soared
Busy flights: Air travel is back
Driving into debt: Americans are falling behind on their car loans.
Buy vs. rent: The latest data makes a clear case
Plastic unfantastic: How much plastic actually gets recycled?
Squeezed out: Florida's orange-growing industry is under pressure
The wealth of the nation: Americans are richer than ever
Trust fall: Faith in news reports has fallen again
The old normal: Work-from-home rates are dropping... in some states more than others
Gig-going: Concert inflation is real
50:50: A recession is pretty much a coin flip, according to top economists
Left to their own devices: How much time do teens spend on social media?
Facts of life: Wiki is an invaluable tool for giving context
Check mates: Unpaid editors are Wikipedia's bedrock
Bad ACT: Pre-college test scores hit 30-year lows
Times Square: Slowly, but surely, the iconic intersection is bouncing back
Neither: A third party option is an increasing preference for voters
Upshot: Tequila sales are booming in the US.
Growing interest: Visualizing the US budget deficit
Classics vs. coding: STEM subjects have been catching up with Humanities
STEM sells: Engineering tops the list for pay
Subjects to change: Majors in Humanities have been sliding in recent years
Don't let the bed bugs bite: Paris has a problem with unwanted guests
Big families: Attitudes towards having more children are changing
Prenup-tick: Younger generations are more comfortable with prenuptial agreements
Déjà vu: The government is facing another shutdown
Norse code: Norway is one of the most developed countries on earth
Unaffordable housing: The market doesn't look great for new buyers
Park life: More people are visiting US National Parks
Flake out: The breakfast category is under pressure
Nation allocation: What does the UN spend its budget on?
How much does this pay? Salary transparency is coming to a job site near you
Covid catchup: The latest data as hospitalizations rise
IRS audits: Millionaires are in the crosshairs
Cruise crews: Most ships have 1 staff member for 2-3 guests
Building blocks: America's constructing more apartments than ever
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