Pandemic trends: Remote jobs are in, online yoga is out
Global gender gaps: Putting Iran's protests in context
Out of office: There aren't enough remote jobs to go around
Strikes: America's railroads could grind to a halt
Turkey trends: The birds are bigger, but we're eating less of them
Name-dropping: The number of babies named Alexa is dropping quickly
Mexican migration: More Americans are moving to Mexico
Oatly: The alt milk makers are struggling to meet their lofty expectations
Maxing out: Credit card debts are rising in the US
The carbon conundrum: Plotting emissions, as COP27 enters its final week
Flipping hard: Redfin's home-buying business is shutting down
Flu: Influenza season is hitting earlier this year
Midterm turnout: America is heading to the polls
Teens & TikTok: The love affair continues
Numbers game: The Powerball lottery is hitting new highs
Layoffs: Tech companies and startups have overhired
Buzzy drinks: The Campari Group keep finding hits
Brazil election: Amazon's rainforest was on the ballot
Same-sex marriage: Plotting a decade of progress
Ten-year tenures: Jobs aren't for life anymore
Trusst issues: Charting the briefest British premiership
Made in America: The US manufacturing industry is hiring again
Extreme poverty: The pandemic plunged millions below the $2.15 a day threshold
Crypto crackdown: Celebrities promoting crypto are in the SEC's crosshairs
Storm season: A brief history of major hurricanes in the Atlantic
70 years: Queen Elizabeth's remarkable reign, in context
Minimum wage: The lowest pay rates across the states
Test results: The pandemic’s effect on the nation’s report card
Life expectancy: Plotting incomes vs. life expectancy for the 50 states
Modern families: Plotting the seismic shift in living arrangements
News deserts: Local newspapers are closing at a rapid rate
Medication abortions: The majority of abortions are not surgical
Interest in the news is falling
Violence in America: The murder rate is rising in the US
Ukraine: How have Ukrainians felt towards Russia historically?
US road traffic fatalities are rising again
Myopia: Short-sightedness is rising, and the pandemic likely didn't help
Omicron: Early evidence from the UK is the silver lining in a dark cloud of cases
World inequality: How much of the world's wealth do billionaires own? We explore the latest report
Internet access: How many people on Earth are online?
Air travel: Just as air travel was getting back to normal... Omicron appears
Turkeys: They just keep getting bigger and bigger
Immigration backlog: The backlog of immigration cases has hit a new high
Whistleblowers: 12,000 people cried foul play on their companies last year to the SEC
Reading for fun? It's not what it used to be for modern day 13-year-olds
SAD: Days are shorter and darker now — and that can hurt our mental health
Eye of the storm: Europe is once again at the center of the COVID pandemic
Deforestation: COP26 promises to end it by 2030
Thank you for smoking: Sales of cigarettes rose last year, for the first time in 20 years
Click for the full story: Web traffic is down for most news sites
Unfazed: Gaming group Faze Clan are going public
Spooky season: Horror movies are having a good year
Unpartnered: US households have changed a lot in 30 years
No Time To Die: The Bond franchise shows that it's still got some life left in it
Quitters: 3% of the American workforce quit in August
Rents: They're going up almost everywhere in the US
Crime: Last year the murder rate rose almost 30% in the US
Gas money: Fears of a crisis grow in Europe, as gas prices shoot up
Jobs, jobs, jobs: Employers are struggling to find staff
Poverty rates in 2020: The data tells a mixed story for those who are most vulnerable
Zero-covid: Australia's reliable plan has had to change
Afghanistan: Years of progress in education are now at risk
Inmates: The US incarceration rate has fallen again
Inmates: The US incarceration rate has fallen again
Viva Las Vegas: Normal service is resumed — weddings in Las Vegas are back
Diet trends: The rise and fall of "hot diets" over the last 15+ years
Weight Watchers: The iconic company is struggling a bit
More extreme, more often: How global warming makes extreme events more likely
Can't get the staff: There are 10 million unfilled jobs in the US, a record high
TV isn't dead: Far from it, in fact
Loneliness: We all spent a lot more time alone last year
Cards vs. cash: How do we spend our money? We explore
The other crisis: Drug overdoses in the US rose almost 30% last year
Cuba: The country is in turmoil, as protests spill into the streets
Twins: Twins are a lot more common than they used to be
The Trump bump: The Trump bump is fading for media companies
Online love: We're swiping differently since the pandemic
I quit: 4 million Americans quit their jobs in April, almost twice the number from a year ago
Pandemic hobbies: Some have stuck around longer than others
Delta variant: How transmissible is the COVID variant spreading in the UK and elsewhere?
Life's good down under: Auckland has been named the most liveable city in the world
CO2 in the air: Carbon dioxide concentration in our atmosphere has hit a new high
Big tobacco: Smoking is still a truly enormous industry... and it's still growing?
Air travel: How many people are flying in the US relative to "normal"?
State of the pandemic: Where are we vs. the peak? We check the latest data on 6 key regions
Digital nomads: Work from home becomes work from anywhere
US vaccinations: The vaccination rate in the US is dropping
Less conversation, more action: How many countries have made pledges to get to net zero emissions?
Wikipedia: The free online encyclopedia is used by billions, but serious topics like Israel-Palestine aren't easy to moderate
Baby names: What are the most popular baby names from the last 100 years? We explore
US-China relations: How does the US public view China?
The generational wealth gap: How much wealth do Millennials have?
Biden's big emissions plan: President Biden has announced a bold emissions target, but how does the US get there?
COVID in India: Cases are exploding in the world's second most populous country
Harvard: The acceptance rate at Harvard just hit a new low
UK renewables: UK renewable energy had a bumper weekend, and year
US vaccine programme: The US vaccination drive has accelerated dramatically
Marijuana legalization: Public opinion has changed a lot in 50 years, we explore the data
Vaccine scepticism: Anti-vaccine sentiment may be softening as vaccine roll-outs gather pace
Lobbying: Big tech are the biggest spenders in Washington now