Alone time: An increasing number of Americans are living solo
Participation: Charting 60+ years of women in the workforce
Counting sheep: New Zealand's sheep-to-human ratio has dropped
TheftTok: How viral videos contributed to a spike of car thefts
What's in a name? A century of the most popular baby names in America
Contented: Job satisfaction has risen in the US, again
Searching for connection: Loneliness is a growing problem
Milestone: The unemployment rate for Black Americans has reached a new low
The nation's report card: Eighth graders' test scores are down
Working hard: Where do workers clock the most hours?
CEOs: The number of female chief execs is rising
Perfect storm: Commercial real estate is in trouble
uRobot: How are Americans feeling about the impact of AI?
Digital nomadland: Working from anywhere’s only getting easier
Renters beware: Rental prices are cooling, but not everywhere
Breadwinners: Charting 5 decades of societal shifts
Beast mode: MrBeast has built a media empire
Baby steps: Shared parental leave is growing in the US
The price of paradise: Hawaii is mulling over a new tourist tax
The Finnish line: Defense alliance NATO has a new member
Generation rent: The majority of millennials are now homeowners
Major decisions: The factors Americans think are important when choosing college subjects
Charged up: US renewables produced more electricity than coal in 2022
Recovery mode: The box office is back… sort of
Book bans: Censorship challenges are soaring in the US
Tipping point: Digging into the latest climate report from the IPCC
Pop: Home prices in the US are falling
Priorities: Exploring the generational differences around pay and job satisfaction
Willow windfall: A controversial Alaskan oil project has got the green light
Expensive lessons: Charting the rise of college tuition fees
International Women's Day: Charting global gender inequality
Up in smoke: America's changing smoking habits
Perfect storm: It's more bad news for first-time homebuyers
The slow track: America's immigration court backlog keeps building
50-50: US offices are half full (empty)
Going gray: Japan's population problem
Pillow tax: Even the Tooth Fairy can't fight inflation
Social search: Gen Z have unique search habits
One year on: It's been 365 days since Russia invaded Ukraine
Motivated sellers: The housing market is grinding to a halt
Melting away: Antarctic sea ice is hitting new lows
Trust issues: Americans increasingly distrust the news media
Electric avenue: Tesla is set to open up its charging network
Landlines: Plotting the death of the home phone
Phone home: How many UFOs are reported every month?
Pharmacy footprint: CVS is eyeing another deal
I O U: Visualizing federal spending after Biden's State of the Union
Crooked: Plotting the latest Corruption Perceptions Index
Plotting a move: Where are Americans heading?
Whistling: Crime doesn't pay... but whistleblowing seems to
Worried sick: What tops the list of modern parental worries?
Broken eggs: Eggflation shows no sign of cracking
COVID: Taking stock of COVID's impact, 3 years after Wuhan's lockdown
China's pop drop: India may already be the world's most populous nation
Grounded: How many flights actually make it to their destination on time?
Whole Again: The ozone layer is healing
Resolute: The goals Americans are taking into 2023.
Shrinking saving rates: Americans are struggling to set money aside
Here comes the sun: Solar power is rising fast
Pandemic trends: Remote jobs are in, online yoga is out
Global gender gaps: Putting Iran's protests in context
Out of office: There aren't enough remote jobs to go around
Strikes: America's railroads could grind to a halt
Turkey trends: The birds are bigger, but we're eating less of them
Name-dropping: The number of babies named Alexa is dropping quickly
Mexican migration: More Americans are moving to Mexico
Oatly: The alt milk makers are struggling to meet their lofty expectations
Maxing out: Credit card debts are rising in the US
The carbon conundrum: Plotting emissions, as COP27 enters its final week
Flipping hard: Redfin's home-buying business is shutting down
Flu: Influenza season is hitting earlier this year
Midterm turnout: America is heading to the polls
Teens & TikTok: The love affair continues
Numbers game: The Powerball lottery is hitting new highs
Layoffs: Tech companies and startups have overhired
Buzzy drinks: The Campari Group keep finding hits
Brazil election: Amazon's rainforest was on the ballot
Same-sex marriage: Plotting a decade of progress
Ten-year tenures: Jobs aren't for life anymore
Trusst issues: Charting the briefest British premiership
Made in America: The US manufacturing industry is hiring again
Extreme poverty: The pandemic plunged millions below the $2.15 a day threshold
Crypto crackdown: Celebrities promoting crypto are in the SEC's crosshairs
Storm season: A brief history of major hurricanes in the Atlantic
70 years: Queen Elizabeth's remarkable reign, in context
Minimum wage: The lowest pay rates across the states
Test results: The pandemic’s effect on the nation’s report card
Life expectancy: Plotting incomes vs. life expectancy for the 50 states
Modern families: Plotting the seismic shift in living arrangements
News deserts: Local newspapers are closing at a rapid rate
Medication abortions: The majority of abortions are not surgical
Interest in the news is falling
Violence in America: The murder rate is rising in the US
Ukraine: How have Ukrainians felt towards Russia historically?
US road traffic fatalities are rising again
Myopia: Short-sightedness is rising, and the pandemic likely didn't help
Omicron: Early evidence from the UK is the silver lining in a dark cloud of cases
World inequality: How much of the world's wealth do billionaires own? We explore the latest report
Internet access: How many people on Earth are online?
Air travel: Just as air travel was getting back to normal... Omicron appears