Twitch leak: 100GB+ of data on streaming platform Twitch has been leaked

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This week more than 120GB of data leaked on the internet about Twitch — the live streaming platform most popular with gamers.

Among the reams of code were the leaked payouts for thousands of streamers, which revealed that the top channels have been pulling in millions of dollars from Twitch payouts over the last 2 years, based on their share of advertising and subscription revenue.

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According to data from TwitchTracker at any one time there is usually somewhere around 100,000 live channels. That's people streaming themselves, or the game they are playing, to an audience. Some of those streams have thousands of people watching. Some of them have none.

Although these payouts don't include any other forms of income, from private sponsorships, merchandise or donations, they can make streaming seem a more attainable career than it might actually be.

As you get further down the list, the numbers drop off pretty quick. The 100th highest paid streamer reportedly makes $400k a year from Twitch. The 1000th made about $85k — and that puts them in the top 0.015% of all streamers. In other words, to make a decent living you basically need to be in the top 1%... of the top 1%. Good luck!

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