Changing teams: Microsoft’s workspace tool is breaking out
Space stuff: We’re launching more stuff into orbit... way more
iLobby: Apple, like the rest of big tech, wants to change the rules
Payment processed: The rise of Stripe
Nviable earnings: Nvidia is the company of the moment
Switch out: Nintendo's new flagship console is delayed
OpenAI secures $80bn valuation
Robottal: Google and OpenAI release rival video-generative products
Fun and games: Duo's gamification and absurd TikToks are working
Flying: Duolingo's active users keep soaring
Large language model: Subscribers drive growth at Duolingo
Instagram vs. Reality: Why Meta can afford to burn billions on the metaverse
The Mac at 40: Apple's iconic PC enters a new decade
The usual suspect: Big tech is driving the market to new highs
r/IPO: Reddit's hoping to go public in March
Microsoft vs. Apple: The tussle for the title of world's most valuable company
Unwanted: Meta's battle with inappropriate content is never-ending
Left to its own devices: Roku TVs are going high-end
It's All Chrome
2023 in Charts: Recession loomed as AI boomed
Read the Roomba: Amazon's acquisition hasn't been a clean sweep
Control Alt delete: Exploring OpenAI's corporate structure, after Sam Altman’s shock dismissal
AI high: Google is in talks to invest millions into
Trolley problems: AI hype has roared ahead of self-driving cars
Waymore miles: Waymo reported more autonomous miles than any other manufacturer
Level up: VC funding for autonomous vehicles is drying up
Not Fully Thriving: NFT marketplace OpenSea is struggling
Machine earning: OpenAI's valuation looks set to soar again
Passwords plus: Disney is cracking down on account sharing
AI high: The island of Anguilla is riding the AI wave
Huawei: The tech giant is hoping its new phone can revive sales
Birthday royale: Hit videogame Fortnite is celebrating a 6th anniversary
Paid social: Meta could be trying a new business model in Europe
Wonderlust: We are well past peak iPhone hype
Yahoo!: The digital dinosaur has a lot of life left in it
Nvidia: It's hard to match the chipmaker's current growth
Just browsing: Chrome's held the browser crown for over 10 years
Threading the needle: Meta's latest launch is losing steam
Great expectations: Nvidia has driven the stock market higher, but can it live up to the hype this week?
Appy birthday: The iMac turns 25
Lightning speed: ByteDance's growth is slowing down, but it's all relative
Enough talk: ChatGPT users fell for the first time in June
Subpar: A popular ChatGPT subreddit has lost its spark
A little more conversation: Company executives can't stop talking about AI
BYD vs. Tesla: China's EV giant is charging ahead
Cryptoverse: Bitcoin remains the most mainstream asset
Making friends: Many Americans find it difficult
Meta morphs: Never mind the metaverse, it's all about AI
McDonald's: The fast food giant is winning the tech war
All in one: Twitter is now X, as Musk looks to build a "super-app"
Game on: The largest acquisition in video game history just got a big green light
Take evasive action: Satellites are having to avoid collisions a lot more than they used to
Threads: Meta's latest launch was a smash hit
The digital divide: Access to high-speed internet is far from a given
Duolingo: The language-learning app is pushing the boundaries of AI
Blocked: No more news for Canadian's on Facebook & Instagram
Playing both sides: Regulators aren't happy with Google's ad practices
Bearly noticed: Visualizing 60+ years of bull and bear markets
More Prime: Amazon keeps adding to its flagship membership
The (gentle) rise of Reddit: The social media platform is in its awkward years
PC pain: HP's sales are suffering from a hardware slump
Blurred lines: "Photoshopped" is about to get a whole new meaning
Pause: The e-sports industry is starting to slow.
Churn: Streaming services are struggling to hold onto subscribers
Apple: The tech giant is still reliant on the iPhone, now it's taking a chance on a new product
Talk is cheap: Like everyone else, CEOs can't stop talking about AI
Endgame: Nintendo Switch sales are dropping
Side quests: Shopify is giving up on logistics
Stairway to heaven: Spotify's worried about the future, but its present is looking good
Sonic birds: Sega is buying the creator of mobile game Angry Birds
PCs peaked: Shipments for personal computers are still falling
Breaking up: Alibaba's splitting into 6
Meta veers: Zuck’s latest approach has been a hit with investors
GPT upgrade: OpenAI's latest model is a big step up
Content is queen: CEO Susan Wojcicki is calling time on her tenure at YouTube
Paramount pushes in: New streamers are still finding ways to grow
Electric avenue: Tesla is set to open up its charging network
Landlines: Plotting the death of the home phone
Microsoft vs. Google: Bing's resurgence has Google worried, but will it last?
Real momentum: Buzzy app BeReal is starting to struggle
Facebook: Meta's flagship platform is still growing
It's a steal: Digital piracy never really went away
Queen of the skies: Boeing's iconic 747 has reached the end of the runway
Ctrl+Z: Big tech is undoing some of the massive hiring spree of recent years
Looking for Slack: Salesforce is the latest target of a famed activist investor
New year, new Wiki: The internet's font of knowledge has a new look
Attractive economics: Dating apps make great business models
Crypto Winter: Coinbase is laying off another 20% of its workforce
Patent drop: Record numbers of patents are being granted
World Wide WordPress: The service that powers much of the internet
Out of this world: SpaceX’s $137bn valuation
The Energy Exception & Socialites
ChatGPT: The AI bot taking the tech world by storm
Spotify (un)Wrapped: Plotting the Swedish streamer's progress
Shockwaves: The crypto world is reeling from the fire sale of exchange FTX
Teens & TikTok: The love affair continues
Peak PC? Shipments for personal computers are falling
Nobel efforts: Sequencing human genomes is getting cheaper
Spamalot: The rise of spam texts in the US
Photoshopping: Digital design giant Adobe is paying up to buy a rival
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