Peak coal: Plotting America's coal cutback
Roll out the barrels: US oil production is reaching new heights
Pumpkin supremacy: America's favorite pies
US-China: Xi Jinping and Biden meet this week
Booming out: America's population could peak this century
All hollows eve: Halloween celebrations get bigger nearly every year
The old normal: Work-from-home rates are dropping... in some states more than others
Neither: A third party option is an increasing preference for voters
Growing interest: Visualizing the US budget deficit
Big families: Attitudes towards having more children are changing
Déjà vu: The government is facing another shutdown
Building blocks: America's constructing more apartments than ever
Out-husked: Brazil is the new corn capital of the world
Weighting game: America's obesity rate is much higher than 6 decades ago
Pedestrian fatalities: America's roads are getting more dangerous for pedestrians
Ruling: The Supreme Court's latest decisions
Knot yet: The decline in marriage rates in America
The digital divide: Access to high-speed internet is far from a given
Nuclear nerves: As a global nuclear power, instability in Russia comes with added complications
Intertwined: Why US-China relations are so complicated
Donation drop: Charitable giving fell sharply last year
Family first: Exploring Americans' top priorities
Stagnation: America's birth rate stayed remarkably steady in 2022
Chip-for-tat: Why Micron is at the center of the latest US-China flashpoint?
Contented: Job satisfaction has risen in the US, again
Milestone: The unemployment rate for Black Americans has reached a new low
Major decisions: The factors Americans think are important when choosing college subjects
Revenge travel: More passports are being issued in America than ever
Off track: How common are train derailments?
Motivated sellers: The housing market is grinding to a halt
Offside: MLS teams are increasingly valuable, but many are still in the red
Start your engines: The '24 election cycle has begun
Phone home: How many UFOs are reported every month?
Plotting a move: Where are Americans heading?
Resolute: The goals Americans are taking into 2023.
Maxing out: Credit card debts are rising in the US
The carbon conundrum: Plotting emissions, as COP27 enters its final week
Midterm turnout: America is heading to the polls
Same-sex marriage: Plotting a decade of progress
China: The context behind the CCP's 20th National Congress
Made in America: The US manufacturing industry is hiring again
Spamalot: The rise of spam texts in the US
Gerontocracy: America's Congress is the oldest it's ever been
Top dollar: The US dollar has been getting stronger
Scraping the barrels: The US oil reserve is running down
Stock valuations: Where are we now?
Life expectancy: Plotting incomes vs. life expectancy for the 50 states
Dining out: We're all spending more on eating out
Skipping class: Chinese students are looking beyond the US
Chick-in, beef out: We're eating more chicken than ever before
Recession, or no recession? The latest economic data, in context
Abandon cart: E-commerce ain't what it used to be
Here comes the sun: Where we're at on solar power
Space station split: Russia is withdrawing from the ISS.
Vetoes: Zelensky wants Russia expelled from the UN Security Council
Reading: Americans are reading fewer books than they used to
Immigration backlog: The backlog of immigration cases has hit a new high
Unpartnered: US households have changed a lot in 30 years
Crime: Last year the murder rate rose almost 30% in the US
Jobs, jobs, jobs: Employers are struggling to find staff
Poverty rates in 2020: The data tells a mixed story for those who are most vulnerable
Can't get the staff: There are 10 million unfilled jobs in the US, a record high
The other crisis: Drug overdoses in the US rose almost 30% last year
The vaccine race: The latest data on vaccination programmes around the world
Troops in Afghanistan: US troops in Afghanistan now likely number hundreds, rather than thousands
I quit: 4 million Americans quit their jobs in April, almost twice the number from a year ago
US vaccinations: The vaccination rate in the US is dropping
Uncle Sam's spending spree: The US federal government spent an unprecedented amount last year
Baby names: What are the most popular baby names from the last 100 years? We explore
US-China relations: How does the US public view China?
Biden's big emissions plan: President Biden has announced a bold emissions target, but how does the US get there?
US vaccine programme: The US vaccination drive has accelerated dramatically
Marijuana legalization: Public opinion has changed a lot in 50 years, we explore the data
NASA: Should they get more funding?
Apprenticeships: The number of apprenticeships has been rising, could they go mainstream?
US executions: How many are there per year in the US? We explore
Coronavirus tracker: switching to tracking fatalities
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