Krispy Kreme dreams: McDonald’s is teaming up with the doughnut maker
Drone home: DoorDash is piloting a drone delivery program
Domino effect: The pizza maker keeps winning
Hot streak: Buzzfeed retains spicy showpiece Hot Ones in media deal
Quarters pounded: Beyond Meat is trying everything to reverse a sales slump
Spicy season: Chipotle and Taco Bell are both finding ways to grow
Whopper deal: Burger King is splashing $1 billion to buy out its largest franchisee
Shake Up
McDomination: The Golden Arches have huge ambitions
Peak chocolate: Cocoa prices are hitting new highs
Shrimpact: America's taste for shellfish cost Red Lobster
Pumpkin supremacy: America's favorite pies
Sell-by: HelloFresh shares are tanking, as users give up on the meal-kit delivery service
Pressing higher: Prices for olive oil continue to soar
Bulking season: Bulk-buy candy suppliers love the Halloween spirit
Squeezed out: Florida's orange-growing industry is under pressure
Chips are up: Chipotle is raising prices, again
Undercooked: Blue Apron's business model never added up
Flake out: The breakfast category is under pressure
Keep it simple: A popular kids' snack has earned its crust
Out-husked: Brazil is the new corn capital of the world
Vegging out: Vegetarianism & veganism have lost some allure, but veganuary continues to rise
Friend or food: The species Americans think are fine to eat
Big stacks: Fast food giants are posting huge profits
Store wars: Which chains are growing (and shrinking)
Stay gold: McDonald's still reigns over US fast food
Out-sauced: Sriracha shortage is worrying for hot sauce lovers
Ripe for disruption: A new type of avocado has emerged
More dough: Why Domino's shares are soaring
Wiener takes all: Joey Chestnut retains his hot dog eating crown
Too sweet: America's sugar consumption has fallen
Trademark tuesdays: Taco Bell is lawyering up
Pressing matters: Olive oil prices are soaring
McMenu: McDonald’s classics are getting an update
Next on the menu: Donaldsons other ventures generate massive hype
Inside the box: Tupperware is in trouble
Chickening out: Sweetgreen isn't up for a fight with Chipotle
Breadsticks: Olive Garden, and its famous breadsticks, are thriving
Shack sales: The burger chain is hungry for better margins
Testing loyalty: Starbucks is changing its rewards program
Burrito Season: Chipotle is looking for new recruits, to help wrap up its busy season
Broken eggs: Eggflation shows no sign of cracking
Sub Counts: Subway is shopping itself around
Campbell Soup Co: Soup and snack sellers are having a good year
Turkey trends: The birds are bigger, but we're eating less of them
Oatly: The alt milk makers are struggling to meet their lofty expectations
Déjà Vu: Taking stock of inflation in America
Michelin stars: The best cities for foodies, as told by a tire company
Dining out: We're all spending more on eating out
Pizza: Domino's couldn't convert in Italy — a rarity for the pizza giant
Chick-in, beef out: We're eating more chicken than ever before
Grubhub x Amazon: The food delivery co. is teaming up with the tech giant
Baby formula: A major shortage is sweeping the US
Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola: Both companies have still got some fizz
Chick-fil-A: The fast food restaurant is keeping things simple... and it's working
Food prices: Global food prices just hit a record high
Costco: The membership model just keeps working
Taking a break: Nestlé is pulling out of Russia.
The caffeine fixer: Howard Schultz is back for another stint as Starbucks CEO... again
Beyond Meat: The plant-based burger maker is seeing a slowdown
Move fast and break even
Inflation: Not all price rises are equal
Taco subscriptions: Taco Bell's latest idea to re-invigorate growth
Turkeys: They just keep getting bigger and bigger
Inflation: Prices are rising at their fastest pace for 30 years
Beyond Meat: The buzzy start-up has seen its growth slow dramatically
The doughnut IPO: Krispy Kreme wants to go public, again
Chipotle stock: Chipotle's shares have been on a tear for 15 years
Popcorn = profit: Popcorn is profitable, but the economics of running a cinema are still pretty tough
Lockdown: How are people coping based on data from Google?
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