Cosmetic change: Beauty spending is starting to slow
The year of the Bull: 2024 stock market winners & losers
Guac stock: Chipotle is splitting its stock
Home economics: 4 reflections on the US economy
Nviable earnings: Nvidia is the company of the moment
Young money: Americans under 40 are getting wealthier
The usual suspect: Big tech is driving the market to new highs
In the rough: Nike's in a rare tough spot
Bumbled: Investors, and users, are dumping dating apps
Correction territory: Some perspective on the S&P 500's recent fall
Electric enthusiasm: Tesla stock is traded more than any other company
Sea of money: Norway's $1.4 trillion wealth fund
Oslo portfolio: Norway's money is almost everywhere
Birkenstocks: The humble sandal maker is set to IPO
Meme-stock movie: The GameStop saga comes to the big screen
New ground for Novo: Denmark's largest company just keeps getting bigger
Great expectations: Nvidia has driven the stock market higher, but can it live up to the hype this week?
Same energy: Energy stocks are reporting weaker earnings, but the stocks are still flying high
Feeling zen: Wall Street's "fear index" is at a multi-year low
A wall of worry: Stock markets are calm, despite the headlines
Buffett vs. the market: Charting 58 years of Berkshire Hathaway's returns
Tech turnaround: Meta is leading a revival of big tech stocks in 2023
Taking stock: How the S&P 500 is faring so far
Blocked: Hindenburg's latest target is fintech company Block
Unleash the beast: Monster Beverage Corp. just keeps growing
Timing is everything: The IPO class of 2020/21 has struggled since going public
Buybacks: Corporate share repurchases are bigger than ever
The Energy Exception & Socialites
War, inflation and oil. How the Russian invasion shook the world.
Blank check bust: SPACs are struggling
Robinhood retirin': The fintech company is thinking long term
Bounce: It's back-to-back green months for US stocks
Black gold goes green: Norway's sovereign wealth fund is getting greener
Spooked: Inflation is scaring investors... again
Porsche going public: Volkswagen’s plan for the sports car spin-out
Stock valuations: Where are we now?
Silly season returns: Meme-stocks are back in the headlines
To the Twitter end: Musk and Twitter are gearing up for a lengthy legal battle
Grubhub x Amazon: The food delivery co. is teaming up with the tech giant
They had us in the first half: Stocks have had the worst start to a year since 1970
SNAP back to reality: Snap Inc. is not feeling great about 2022
How bad can it get? Some perspective on the stock market sell-off
Ouch: Tech and media stocks are getting hammered
Lyft behind: The economics of ride-hailing aren't stacking up
Free speech on social media is hard... just ask Facebook
Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola: Both companies have still got some fizz
Netflix can't chill: The streaming giant is losing subs
Twitter: Musk makes his move
Sonos: If you can't beat 'em...
Costco: The membership model just keeps working
The Elon effect: Musk has bought a big chunk of Twitter
Nielsen acquired: The measurement company is getting bought for ~$16bn
Tesla's EV lead: How far ahead is Tesla relative to global rivals like VW Group?
Back to square one: Alibaba's share price is back to where it was at its IPO
Bumbling along: Dating app Bumble sees a rosy future ahead
US stocks: Most are in the red this year, except one sector
Russia's invasion caught everyone by surprise, including markets
Stocks: US stocks rose another 29% last year, how long can the party last?
Reddit traders had a quieter second half of 2021
Harley-Davidson: The storied motorcycle company is looking to the future
Tesla: Stock market traders can't get enough of it
Pandemic winners and losers: We check in on 9 stocks that have had quite a ride
Bubble trouble: Stock markets are at all time highs, are we in a bubble that's about to burst?
Big 2021 energy: Energy stocks are on a tear this year
Stocks: They fell 2%+ yesterday, as inflation worries mount
Robinhood: The stock trading platform increasingly makes its money from not-stocks
Robinhood: The stock trading platform increasingly makes its money from not-stocks
Olympic marathons: This year it's all about the shoes
Unicorns: They're meant to be rare, but increasingly they seem everywhere
AMC > GameStop: Reddit traders are at it again
Chipotle stock: Chipotle's shares have been on a tear for 15 years
Penny stocks: A record number of penny stocks are changing hands
Stocks: Stock markets haven't risen this much in a 12-month period for a long, long time
Visualizing the US stock market: We put yesterday's stock market moves into some recent context
Robinhood's reputation: Users are not happy with the trading app
GameStop: It's Wall St vs. the internet... and the internet is winning
Woops, wrong Zoom: Investors thought they were buying Zoom stock...
Airbnb's IPO delays: Something they may now regret?
The coronavirus is hitting Europe: Which stocks are investors selling as a result?
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