Fast Food

Krispy Kreme dreams: McDonald’s is teaming up with the doughnut maker
Domino effect: The pizza maker keeps winning
Outfit and outfast
Whopper deal: Burger King is splashing $1 billion to buy out its largest franchisee
Shake Up
McDomination: The Golden Arches have huge ambitions
Chips are up: Chipotle is raising prices, again
Big stacks: Fast food giants are posting huge profits
Store wars: Which chains are growing (and shrinking)
Stay gold: McDonald's still reigns over US fast food
McDonald's: The fast food giant is winning the tech war
More dough: Why Domino's shares are soaring
Trademark tuesdays: Taco Bell is lawyering up
McMenu: McDonald’s classics are getting an update
Chickening out: Sweetgreen isn't up for a fight with Chipotle
Shack sales: The burger chain is hungry for better margins
Burrito Season: Chipotle is looking for new recruits, to help wrap up its busy season
Sub Counts: Subway is shopping itself around
Krispy Kreme: The doughnut company continues its revival
Minimum wage: The lowest pay rates across the states
Dining out: We're all spending more on eating out
Pizza: Domino's couldn't convert in Italy — a rarity for the pizza giant
Drive-thru design: Taco Bell is testing a new drive-thru format
Chick-fil-A: The fast food restaurant is keeping things simple... and it's working
Taco subscriptions: Taco Bell's latest idea to re-invigorate growth
The fast food landscape: McDonald's is raising wages, will more fast food chains follow?
Chipotle stock: Chipotle's shares have been on a tear for 15 years
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