Revenue streams: Spotify plays are paying the bills for more musicians
Analogs and algorithms: The changing shape of the recorded music industry
Gig economy: Americans are spending more on concerts
Super Bowl goes super well: This year's Super Bowl broke records
Track record: Vinyls are outselling CDs once again
Reddit vs. Meta: No social company makes money from ads quite like Meta
Tik, Tik, boom: New bill leaves TikTok’s future in the balance
Oppenheimer: After a string of indie winners, a blockbuster takes the biggest prize in cinema
Split screen: 2023 saw even fewer women in leading movie roles
Enter Sandman
Fantastic fall: America's box office hasn't bounced back
The AlternaTV: The cost of TVs has plummeted since 2000
Sequels part 2: How sequelitis changed movie titles
Hot streak: Buzzfeed retains spicy showpiece Hot Ones in media deal
Off-script: The number of scripted shows fell in 2023, after rising for years
Streaming wars: Disney takes a step back
Attention please: The cost of a Super Bowl ad
Bucket list tix: Super Bowl tickets are more expensive than ever
Stop the music: Universal pulls its songs from TikTok
Generational support: YouTube’s popularity knows no limits
New York Pastimes
Gripped: Netflix is slamming $5bn down for rights to WWE
Following Suits
EGOT: Elton joins an exclusive club
Blinding success: The Weeknd breaks the 4 billion mark on Spotify
Tom Cruise control: The star's still Hollywood's top gun
Ratings rush: The NFL is still dominating TV viewership
Cash for content: Netflix is tightening its purse strings
Awards season: The Golden Globes is trying to reinvent itself
Stoppage time: Millions of workers walked out in 2023
Musical chairs: Broadway attendance is back in the spotlight
Extremely online: American teens' social media habits
Ultra-exclusive: Some Soho Houses are halting memberships
Twitch is shutting down in South Korea
Peak content: Apple & Paramount are considering teaming up
Wishful thinking: Disney's latest release wasn't the hit it'd hoped
Tok market: The TikTok Shop is gaining momentum.
'Tis the season: Christmas songs are climbing the charts
Pop app: Social media buzz is difficult to maintain
Silver scream: One horror media company has made a killing
Gig-going: Concert inflation is real
The magic formula: As Disney turns 100, its business model is still a dream come true
Re-animate: DreamWorks can't seem to recreate the Shrek magic
2B for MrB: The world's biggest YouTuber hits another milestone.
New name, same game? EA's biggest game has a new name
Survivor: The reality show is back for its 45th season
Adding up: Amazon is embracing ads, this time on Prime Video
Birthday royale: Hit videogame Fortnite is celebrating a 6th anniversary
Shows over: The streamers that cancel the most shows
Music mega fund: After acquiring 65,000 songs, Hipgnosis is now selling ~20% of them off
Major changes: New rules have changed the game in baseball
NFL Strikes Out MLB As The Biggest Sports League in US
Off-base: Baseball's waning attendance and viewing figures
Streaming royalty: Olivia Rodrigo's catapulted herself into the music streaming elite
The Messi effect: Miami's new superstar is making serious waves
Sandman: Adam Sandler's latest movie is that rare thing — a hit with critics and audiences
White noise: Spotify's latest source of tension
Biopick me: Playing real people helps your Best Actor odds
Subtext: Younger generations are increasingly turning on subtitles
The rise of Roblox: The virtual world now has 66 million daily users
Happy birthday hip-hop: The country's favorite music genre is halfway to 100
Strong Suits: The legal drama's a Netflix hit
All eyes on us: Streaming's beating cable in the battle for attention
Netflix and bills: Where your subscription money actually goes
Barbenheimer boost: The box office had a big weekend
On your own, kid: Taylor's solo appeal is unique amongst streaming royalty
Swiftie ascent: Taylor is dominating with re-releases
Kick-off: This year's Women's World Cup could be bigger than ever
Peacocking: Another streaming service is raising prices
Reely long: Are movies getting longer? (Yes, a bit)
Acting out: Hollywood is going on strike
Queues for the kingdom: Disney's parks didn't quite pull their usual crowds this year
Pixar's plight: The animation studio isn't creating the magic like it used to
Unscripted: Hollywood strikes are forcing reality TV to the fore
Remaking magic: The Little Mermaid joins a line of Disney remakes
Churn: Streaming services are struggling to hold onto subscribers
Into the Marvelverse: Marvel's made some massive movies, but hasn't hit $1 billion since 2021
Super share: Are movie heroes officially past the peak?
Restricted powers: China's movie industry is starting to churn out blockbuster hits
What controversy? Ticketmaster parent company Live Nation is having a big year so far
Giant squid: Netflix is trying to recreate the success of Squid Game
Satellite struggles: Dish is having issues
Law & Order: Dick Wolf’s shows are still going strong
Classical comebach: Apple has launched a classical music streaming app
Moneyball: MLB's back, so we're exploring franchise financials
Critics vs. audiences: Fan favorites don't often win at the Academy Awards
Playback: Vinyl is back on top against the once-ubiquitous CD
Steep drop: Six Flags attendance numbers are flagging
Hogwarts Legacy: The video game is proving a smash hit
Offside: MLS teams are increasingly valuable, but many are still in the red
Paramount pushes in: New streamers are still finding ways to grow
Sport rules: Which game do Americans know best?
3D's 2nd coming: Avatar is trying to get 3D back into cinemas... again
It's a steal: Digital piracy never really went away
Rocket Man: Elton John's farewell shows have taken him to the very top of touring pop
Bieber fever: The hitmaker is the latest artist to cash in on his back catalog
Peak TV: There's more shows than ever, but fewer viewers for network TV
Peak Podcast: Have we hit peak podcast, or is the industry just on pause?
The Bronze Globes: Interest in award shows continues to wane
Avatar 2: James Cameron has done it again
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