Big Tech

Changing teams: Microsoft’s workspace tool is breaking out
iLobby: Apple, like the rest of big tech, wants to change the rules
Unwanted: Meta's battle with inappropriate content is never-ending
Paid social: Meta could be trying a new business model in Europe
Think different: Apple continues to scale to new heights
Playing both sides: Regulators aren't happy with Google's ad practices
PC pain: HP's sales are suffering from a hardware slump
Apple: The tech giant is still reliant on the iPhone, now it's taking a chance on a new product
Tech turnaround: Meta is leading a revival of big tech stocks in 2023
Meta veers: Zuck’s latest approach has been a hit with investors
Facebook: Meta's flagship platform is still growing
Ctrl+Z: Big tech is undoing some of the massive hiring spree of recent years
Layoffs: Tech companies and startups have overhired
Big tech: Meta's not the only tech co. having a bad week
Corporate catch-up: Charting 4 big business stories
ByteDance: TikTok's owner is spending big to get bigger
Black gold goes green: Norway's sovereign wealth fund is getting greener
Out of focus: Snapchat’s losses keep mounting
Aramco vs. big tech: Putting the Saudi oil giant into perspective
Still searching: The economics of Google
The big tech big freeze: Big tech's hiring spree is slowing down
Lobbying: Big tech increasingly put pressure on governments — Uber is just the latest example
Internet Explorer: The fall of the iconic browser
Ouch: Tech and media stocks are getting hammered
Big tech has lost ground this year, but it's still huge
Stocks: US stocks rose another 29% last year, how long can the party last?
GIF not loading: Facebook's acquisition of Giphy just got blocked
Wikipedia: How Wikipedia supports itself
The trillion dollar club: Tesla joined an exclusive group this week
Apple: Visualizing Apple's latest results
The $2 trillion club: Microsoft just joined the most elite club of companies
Chipotle stock: Chipotle's shares have been on a tear for 15 years
Adobe, a tech giant: Software company Adobe is a lot bigger than you might think
The rise of Android: We chart the rise of Google's operating system, which had a little help from Oracle
Lobbying: Big tech are the biggest spenders in Washington now
Apple's 12-figure quarter: Apple's biggest quarter ever
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