OpenAI secures $80bn valuation
Robottal: Google and OpenAI release rival video-generative products
Microsoft search: Bing hasn't unseated Google, but it's still a huge business
2023 in Charts: Recession loomed as AI boomed
Cyber-colleagues: Where AI might fit in the American workplace
Wiki Peaks
Control Alt delete: Exploring OpenAI's corporate structure, after Sam Altman’s shock dismissal
AI high: Google is in talks to invest millions into
Machine earning: OpenAI's valuation looks set to soar again
Enough talk: ChatGPT users fell for the first time in June
Subpar: A popular ChatGPT subreddit has lost its spark
A little more conversation: Company executives can't stop talking about AI
Talk is cheap: Like everyone else, CEOs can't stop talking about AI
GPT upgrade: OpenAI's latest model is a big step up
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