Burrito Season: Chipotle is looking for new recruits, to help wrap up its busy season
TikTok: US lawmakers are probing the world's most addictive app, again
Buybacks: Corporate share repurchases are bigger than ever
V8 dreams: Ferrari's brand is unmatched, but will it thrive in the age of electric?
Ctrl+Z: Big tech is undoing some of the massive hiring spree of recent years
Looking for Slack: Salesforce is the latest target of a famed activist investor
New year, new Wiki: The internet's font of knowledge has a new look
Attractive economics: Dating apps make great business models
Supply vs. demand: Tesla is dropping prices
The JPMorgan Machine: America's largest bank handles whatever is thrown at it
Sub Counts: Subway is shopping itself around
Crypto Winter: Coinbase is laying off another 20% of its workforce
Wrestling moves: WWE has grown into a media behemoth
Patent drop: Record numbers of patents are being granted
Plz fix: Subscription clothing company Stitch Fix is struggling
Out of this world: SpaceX’s $137bn valuation
Still searching: Bing’s still big in the game
The Energy Exception & Socialites
Plus adds ads: Disney+ has a new ad-supported tier, just like Netflix
Grill power: Weber needs a boost from its $3.7bn buyout
Activision: Why Microsoft wants to splurge ~$70bn on the gaming company
Campbell Soup Co: Soup and snack sellers are having a good year
Blank check bust: SPACs are struggling
Robinhood retirin': The fintech company is thinking long term
Spotify (un)Wrapped: Plotting the Swedish streamer's progress
Elon vs. Apple: App Store fees are back in the spotlight
Dropped calls: Budget airline Frontier is cutting back
Amazon's elves: The company is hiring 150k seasonal workers
Cyber spenders: Scroll, tap, buy — Black Friday was big
Glazed over: Manchester United's owners are looking to sell
Plowing on: Deere & Co. is going from strength to strength
Recall: Tesla's vehicles get recalled a lot, but does it matter?
Disney loves a sequel: Bob Iger is back at the helm of the media giant
Name-dropping: The number of babies named Alexa is dropping quickly
Past the Prius peak: Toyota's flagship hybrid has struggled recently
Anti-hero: Ticketmaster is in the spotlight, for all the wrong reasons
Buffett's buying: Berkshire Hathaway is investing again
WeWork: The high-profile startup is still going
Hershey's: Not many things are recession-proof, chocolate might be
Marvelous: The Marvel franchise marches on
Flipping hard: Redfin's home-buying business is shutting down
Shockwaves: The crypto world is reeling from the fire sale of exchange FTX
Dry powder: VCs are still sitting on mountains of cash
Carvana: The online car dealer is struggling
Digitize: The NYTimes is all-in on digital subscriptions
Layoffs: Tech companies and startups have overhired
Book stores: The humble book store is fighting on
Blue tick badge: Breaking down Twitter's new business model
Buzzy drinks: The Campari Group keep finding hits
The energy anomaly: American oil companies are thriving
Big tech: Meta's not the only tech co. having a bad week
Corporate catch-up: Charting 4 big business stories
Murdoch: The media mogul is considering a merger in his empire
Krispy Kreme: The doughnut company continues its revival
Krogersons: The grocery merger that could rival Walmart
Netflix: The streaming company keeps its crown
Film fanatics: Analog photography is coming back, digital cameras are not
LVMH: The world's largest fashion house
Ubernomics: The economics of Uber
ByteDance: TikTok's owner is spending big to get bigger
Recommerce: Thrift-seekers are moving online
Young soles: Crocs are crushing it with Gen Z
Off to the (24) races: F1 is capitalizing on its growing audience
Photoshopping: Digital design giant Adobe is paying up to buy a rival
Party block: Airbnb has some reservations about parties
Still searching: The economics of Google
The big tech big freeze: Big tech's hiring spree is slowing down
Boeing: The airplane manufacturer just scored a big order
To the Twitter end: Musk and Twitter are gearing up for a lengthy legal battle
Grubhub x Amazon: The food delivery co. is teaming up with the tech giant
Jeans never faded: Levi's reported another solid quarter
News deserts: Local newspapers are closing at a rapid rate
Big Tobacco is still Big Tobacco
Roku: The streaming platform has a huge ad business
Chick-fil-A: The fast food restaurant is keeping things simple... and it's working
Costco: The membership model just keeps working
Truth streaming
Pfizer's big year
RIP your old BlackBerry: It's really the end this time
Shein: Gen Z has a new favorite shopping app
Unions: The first Starbucks has just unionized, will others follow?
The economics of coffee
Spotify: How the streaming platform makes, and spends, its money
Toys "R" Us: The retailer is back, again
Amazon's elves: Amazon is hiring a small army of seasonal workers, as it does every year
Tesla: Stock market traders can't get enough of it
Dollar-and-a-quarter Tree: Inflation comes for us all, eventually
Pandemic winners and losers: We check in on 9 stocks that have had quite a ride
Clubhouse: Downloads are slowing again for the buzzy audio app
Macy's: 163-years-old and still going strong
Sleeping unsoundly: Mattress-in-a-box company Casper hasn't made its business model work
Rivian: Revenues are over-rated for the latest hot IPO
Disney's slowdown: Streaming growth just ain't what it used to be
Shifting sands: How The New York Times makes its money
Peloton crash: Home fitness company Peloton is in trouble
GoDaddy go: Domain names and web hosting are big business
Ferrari: The Italian supercar maker is back on top
Wikipedia: How Wikipedia supports itself
Wikipedia: What it takes to be a "super editor"
The trillion dollar club: Tesla joined an exclusive group this week