Powering down
Cosmetic change: Beauty spending is starting to slow
Amazon’s empire: How the tech giant makes its money
Changing teams: Microsoft’s workspace tool is breaking out
Powering down: Electric vehicle sales lose momentum
The year of the Bull: 2024 stock market winners & losers
Krispy Kreme dreams: McDonald’s is teaming up with the doughnut maker
Up and down jackets: Canada Goose’s sales growth is slowing
Drone home: DoorDash is piloting a drone delivery program
Stretched thin: Lululemon reports less than stellar outlook
Not-so-Gucci: Kering’s flagship brand is struggling
Guac stock: Chipotle is splitting its stock
iLobby: Apple, like the rest of big tech, wants to change the rules
All-rounder: How DICK'S built a sporting retail empire
Frack to the future: America is now a major exporter of natural gas
Pruning: Dollar Tree is cutting 1,000 branches
Adidas: The German shoe giant has posted its first loss in 30 years
Liquid Death: The brash "water in a can" startup is now worth $1.4bn
Low fashion: Stitch Fix lost some of its glamor
Spirited away: JetBlue and Spirit have called off their merger
Payment processed: The rise of Stripe
Shedding value: WeightWatchers shares tumble after Oprah leaves the board
Domino effect: The pizza maker keeps winning
Bag receivers: The NFL salary cap is going up
Buffett's rising sun: The oracle of Omaha's latest investments are paying off
EV Sports
Behind the Vail: Mountain profits leans heavily on pass sales
Subscription skiing: Vail Resorts has has turned skiing into a subscription business
Packing up: Baggage fees for major airlines are set to rise
Hot streak: Buzzfeed retains spicy showpiece Hot Ones in media deal
Quarters pounded: Beyond Meat is trying everything to reverse a sales slump
Viced Out
Nviable earnings: Nvidia is the company of the moment
Switch out: Nintendo's new flagship console is delayed
OpenAI secures $80bn valuation
Pig out: Pork profits are sinking as demand slumps
Plane and simple: Airbus is still out-delivering Boeing
Uplyft: The ride-hailing company's costly error
Deja Mu: Why Temu bought so many Super Bowl ads
Fun and games: Duo's gamification and absurd TikToks are working
Flying: Duolingo's active users keep soaring
Large language model: Subscribers drive growth at Duolingo
Streaming wars: Disney takes a step back
Ghosting: Snapchat is back to racking up losses
Spicy season: Chipotle and Taco Bell are both finding ways to grow
Logged on: Meta is still finding new users for its social media empire
Outfit and outfast
Break the cycle: Peloton is pedaling uphill
Two-to-one: Flutter's US expansion is paying off
Microsoft search: Bing hasn't unseated Google, but it's still a huge business
Back on top: Luxury giant LVMH reports another record year
New York Pastimes
The Mac at 40: Apple's iconic PC enters a new decade
Entrepreneurs, unleashed: New businesses are booming
The usual suspect: Big tech is driving the market to new highs
XXL JPM: Dimon's bank has become a behemoth
Whopper deal: Burger King is splashing $1 billion to buy out its largest franchisee
Microsoft vs. Apple: The tussle for the title of world's most valuable company
I O U: The Federal Reserve is in the red
Slipping streams: Twitch is wildly popular, but remains unprofitable
Making Bank
Star power: An elite athlete roster has helped Nike's rise
In the rough: Nike's in a rare tough spot
Still doing it: Nike's a hit with Gen Z
Crypto confirmed: The SEC has greenlit Bitcoin ETFs
Pretty vacant: Nearly 20% of America's offices are lying unused
Abercrombie and rich: The retailer's revival continues at full steam
Cup Fever
Cash for content: Netflix is tightening its purse strings
Doses delivered: Drugmaker Eli Lilly wants to sell to you directly
Left to its own devices: Roku TVs are going high-end
X marks the spot: Fidelity has cut its valuation of X again
2023 in Charts: Recession loomed as AI boomed
Members only: Costco's adding more members and making more money
The road to prosperity: USPS still posting operating losses
Smaller doses: Pfizer's finances aren't what they were
Etsy's making cutbacks
Extremely online: American teens' social media habits
Ultra-exclusive: Some Soho Houses are halting memberships
Shake Up
Generational wealth: The richest (old money) families in the world
Misaligned: SmileDirectClub's financials were never really straightened out
Cosmic capitalism: Branson pulls funding on Virgin Galactic
Space tourism: The commercial space race blasts off
McDomination: The Golden Arches have huge ambitions
Stubbed out: British American Tobacco just booked a $31.5bn write-off
IKEA: Unboxing the flatpack business model
Peak content: Apple & Paramount are considering teaming up
Gaining interest: Corporate America hasn't been hit by rising interest rates... yet
Q3 Wrapped: Breaking down that Spotify subscription
Cyber Thursday: Tesla's delivering its first Cybertrucks tomorrow
Shrimpact: America's taste for shellfish cost Red Lobster
R u ok: Roku's stock is soaring
Read the Roomba: Amazon's acquisition hasn't been a clean sweep
New outfit: Fast-fashion giant Shein is looking to IPO
Tok market: The TikTok Shop is gaining momentum.
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