The Mac at 40: Apple's iconic PC enters a new decade
The usual suspect: Big tech is driving the market to new highs
Microsoft vs. Apple: The tussle for the title of world's most valuable company
Stubbed out: British American Tobacco just booked a $31.5bn write-off
Peak content: Apple & Paramount are considering teaming up
Wonderlust: We are well past peak iPhone hype
Appy birthday: The iMac turns 25
Think different: Apple continues to scale to new heights
Fortunate: Walmart's got competition at the top of the Fortune 500
Apple: The tech giant is still reliant on the iPhone, now it's taking a chance on a new product
Overtaking: India is set to become the world's most populous country
PCs peaked: Shipments for personal computers are still falling
Samsung slips: The world's largest smartphone maker is having a difficult year
Classical comebach: Apple has launched a classical music streaming app
Unleash the beast: Monster Beverage Corp. just keeps growing
Ctrl+Z: Big tech is undoing some of the massive hiring spree of recent years
Elon vs. Apple: App Store fees are back in the spotlight
Buffett's buying: Berkshire Hathaway is investing again
Big tech: Meta's not the only tech co. having a bad week
Apple: Tim Cook's tenure at the tech giant has been fruitful
Aramco vs. big tech: Putting the Saudi oil giant into perspective
The big tech big freeze: Big tech's hiring spree is slowing down
Lobbying: Big tech increasingly put pressure on governments — Uber is just the latest example
Internet Explorer: The fall of the iconic browser
Apple & Google: The tech giants have a duopoly in smartphone software
How bad can it get? Some perspective on the stock market sell-off
RIP the iPod: Apple is calling time on the iconic device
Big tech has lost ground this year, but it's still huge
The trillion dollar club: Tesla joined an exclusive group this week
I O U: A lot. Signed, Evergrande
Apple or 800 unicorns: What's worth more?
Catch me if you can: Spotify is still holding on to the top spot in music streaming
Apple: Visualizing Apple's latest results
The $2 trillion club: Microsoft just joined the most elite club of companies
Autonomous vehicles: The latest disengagement data reveals Waymo is out in front
Apple's 12-figure quarter: Apple's biggest quarter ever
Apple's AirPods: A reminder of just how big Apple's AirPods business is
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