Amazon's army: The retailer is hiring 250k workers for the holidays

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Amazon’s army

Corporate giants all have their own ways of getting into the Christmas spirit: Starbucks rolls out its red cups and increasingly experimental beverage offerings, Coca-Cola starts airing its sickly-sweet holiday adverts, and Amazon… hires a veritable army of holiday helpers to bolster its already gargantuan workforce.

This year is no different for the online shopping behemoth either, shipping in a record 250,000 additional workers for the holiday period to help manage the barrage of orders the company faces each year. Indeed, the site’s become a safe haven for hordes of last-minute gift buyers amongst us, even offering deadline guidance in recent years on when to get your orders in to ensure no one’s left disappointed on the big day.

Holiday hires lower

Amazon’s record figure comes against a slowing seasonal hiring backdrop, with companies like the US Postal Service and Macy’s announcing that they’re decreasing the number of new recruits they’re bringing on this season, while Target and UPS’s holiday hiring is also reportedly staying flat this year.

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