EGOT: The most elite club in entertainment

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Master of all trades

Taking home just one of the biggest awards in entertainment is a dream for many artists and performers.

But some manage to receive the biggest awards in every major discipline — earning them a place in the EGOT club. This week Jennifer Hudson joined that club, winning a Tony Award as a producer for A Strange Loop.

That makes Hudson the 17th person to have won a top award in television (Emmy), music (Grammy), film (Oscar) and theatre (Tony). She joins a star-studded list of actors, artists, producers and creatives including John Legend, Whoopi Goldberg, Audrey Hepburn and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Perhaps most impressive on this list is songwriter Robert Lopez, who strung together his first four wins in just 9 years, and has since gone on to become the first member of the "double EGOT" club, claiming each award at least twice for his songwriting on Frozen, The Book of Mormon, Coco and more.

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